October 9, 2011

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Today I have a cute little scene from my book Protecting Rose that is due out in December.

The hero and heroine are in Chicago having lunch at an Italian restaurant and he's comforting her.

            Nate leaned forward and touched her cheek lightly with the back of his hand. “We’ll figure this out.”

            “Thank you." Her tension receded. "Thank you for saving me, and thank you for protecting me now.”

            “It’s my job.” He grinned and lightly chucked her under the chin. “Saving damsels in distress is my specialty.”

            Rose laughed. “I just bet it is, Detective Stone.”

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  1. Great Six Cheryl...loved this line

    “Saving damsels in distress is my specialty.”

  2. Thanks, I like him!

    Thanks for stopping. Silly me, I missed the 9:00 a.m. deadline on Six-Sentence-Sunday site, so my six didn't show up this week.

    LOL...next week.