December 6, 2012

It's Time For A Blog Hop! December 7-13

Visit Book & Trailer Showcase's Xmas Blog for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, a Nook Glow, and a $90 choice giftcard for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Both Tablets will come with a book bundle!!

  I will also be giving away an autographed copy of my award-winning novel, PROTECTING ROSE, at the conclusion of the blog hop. Just leave a comment with your email below, for your chance to win.  Have fun!  

 Don't forget to check out all the other great authors at the bottom of this blog.

 In the meantime, enjoy this blurb from my new release, A MAN TO TRUST

“You okay, bro?” J.D. asked quietly from the back.
Jake sighed, then glanced at his brother. “Yeah . . . no.” He shook his head. “Just thinking how badly I screwed up with her.”
“Yeah. You really made a mess of it.”
Jake quirked a brow. “What, no words of advice or encouragement, little brother?”
J.D. chuckled. “Beg for forgiveness, is all that comes to mind.”
Jake removed the keys from the ignition and unlocked the doors. “Gee, thanks, Einstein. I already figured that out on my own.”
J.D. exited the back with his arm wrapped around a sleepy Stacey. Jake walked around and opened Angela’s door. He squatted next to her and shook her gently to wake her. She gave a moan of protest, then her eyes fluttered open.
For a moment, he lost himself in her warm emerald gaze. She smiled at him. “Jake,” she murmured.
He returned her smile, unable to resist the need to cup her sweet face in his hand and brush his lips across hers. “We’re here, babe.”
He knew the moment she recalled the night’s events. The moment she remembered he was an ass. Her gaze turned icy.
Now, hop on over to Book & Trailer Showcase for  your chance to win wonderful gifts and prizes! 


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  17. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the hop.

    Raonaid Luckwell is the winner. I'll contact you via email, Raonaid.

    Congratulations and enjoy, PROTECTING ROSE.