February 14, 2013

As Promised - More Book Club Comments For Protecting Rose


-Liked that she wrote Rose with both a strong side and a vulnerable one, made her seem real. Her tenacity… ‘stick to it’ tiveness in finding out the truth about who she was. Even when she didn’t consciously know who she was, she still had a ‘sense of self’.

-I had started Protecting Rose after it arrived, but I don’t get that much time to read so I was afraid I would be behind everyone…well, I read the rest of the book yesterday afternoon!!!! WOW – what a book!!!!! I want to read it again…LOL!!!!*

- Like another threader said , there wasn't a whole lot to dislike about either character for me . I was going to say it's the fact that she was able to trust so quickly .... but , the more I think about it , if someone was chasing me and shooting at me and this nice handsome guy shows up and protects me from flying bullets , I gotta go with that ... who else is there , specially if you don't know who you are . 

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