February 12, 2013

More Book Club Comments on Protecting Rose

First...I must say...........I liked that the scene was set with action.......leaving the warehouse scene to seeing Rose's car go flying off the road. I liked Rose, because she was so brave to be running for her life, and had been smart enough to escape her persuers........I have not had time to think of anything I did not like about her...but I have every day this week to think .

-Book Club Alert! It was hard to find anything to not like about Rose. But, we are suppose to so.......about all I can say was she was too trusting of Nate. If I woke up with no memory of anybody and not even know who I was, I would be suspicious of everyone.

-Liking Rose is much easier. lol She was strong, I would have curled up in a ball and cried my eyes out!! And probably stayed there!!! She trusted her instincts. I so often don't and ladies, when you get that feeling in your gut you are more often right than wrong! Rose was a survivor!

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