October 7, 2013

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Thanks so much for inviting me to be on your blog. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Susan Muller. I live in Texas with my rescue dog, Maggie. She’s part Border collie and part Sheltie and the rest just a big bundle of fuzzy love. I have two books out with Soul Mate Publishing and a third due in December. I usually write romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, but today I wanted to share a real life adventure with you.

My daughter-in-law invited me to go shopping for a Homecoming dress with her and my granddaughter. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I thought she just wanted me to pay for the dress, but no, she needed the moral support to deal with a teenager. Besides, Caroline is my only granddaughter and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world.

The store was huge, stretching the width of the mall and then turning a corner for the wedding dress section. I have never seen so many sequins in my life, easily enough to cover the Queen Mary (the ship, not the monarch.) I was afraid there had been an explosion in a glitter factory.

There wasn’t much to the dresses, by which I mean material. In the dressing room, boobs were spilling out all over the place, and any tramp stamp was completely exposed. I knew I had my work cut out for me. It wasn’t a matter of finding an appropriate dress, but of finding the least inappropriate one.

The entire store was set up on the premise that these dresses would be worn one time. They were inexpensively made and ran small. Every dress Caroline tried on either couldn’t be zipped or looked like a sausage casing.   

One hour, and fifteen dresses later, Caroline was almost in tears and asking to go home.

I was able to convince her to try a bigger size. “Look around,” I whispered in her ear. “Every woman here is having the same problem. They can’t get their dress zipped. They have to send their mother or husband out to fine a bigger one.”

About that time a woman came by holding her dress together with one hand and motioning to her husband to come help her. Caroline agreed to try again. Her mother went out and came back with two dresses; one she picked out herself and one Caroline wanted.

I took one look at the dress my D-I-L picked out and knew it wasn’t going to fly. It looked like a church dress with an overlay of lace. It fit nice, but Caroline wasn’t impressed and said she wanted to leave. I said I’d like to see the black one; would she try it on for me?

It was a perfect fit (we never told her it was two sizes larger,) short, flirty, just enough covered and just enough uncovered. She looked gorgeous. “I guess this is okay,” she said. “I’ll take it.”
Five minutes later, she stepped out into the store to look at shoes and earrings. Two of her friends were headed into the dressing room and stopped her. “Wow, Caroline, you look so cool. I love that dress.”

And the rest is history. Caroline is ecstatic, her mother is ecstatic, her daddy will be happy when he sees a sixteen-year-old instead of a mini-sex-pot. I didn’t pay for the dress, but I bought the shoes, purse, and earrings.

Caroline put her arms around me and said, “Thank you so much for helping me, Grammy.”

All in all, a once-in-a-lifetime day, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.
What about you, have you had any special days lately?

In my new release, The Witch on Twisted Oak, Ruben takes Tessa out to dinner. It’s not a date, she’s a witness he’s protecting. Still, it’s something of a special day for both of them.

Tessa studied him over the rim of her glass. “So you cook?”

Even as a kid, he’d known he would be alone and had made it a point to learn basic cooking techniques and a few recipes from Mamacita.

“I can put together a few meals. I don’t do it often. With this job I never know what time I’ll be in or how long I’ll be gone. On the weekends I’m not on call, I might mix up two or three meals and stick them in the freezer. I find it relaxing, and it’s fun to try new dishes. You paint, Adam builds things, I cook.”

“And fish.”

“That’s not a hobby. That’s a religion.” Maybe he shouldn’t have said that. Not after all their discussion of Wicca. 

If his comment bothered Tessa, he couldn’t see any sign of it.

“What kind of fish do you catch around here?”

“The usual; bass, crappie, catfish.”

Her eyes got wide and she leaned forward. “Ooh, catfish. Have you ever done that noodling thing I saw on TV?”

She actually looked interested—in fishing.

“I’ve seen that, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it. Sticking my hand down in muddy water and feeling under logs and things? There are creatures in this lake that bite.”

“You have to admit, they make it look fun on TV.” She took a sip of wine and settled back in the booth, a mischievous smile on her face.

“I’ll tell you what. You try it, and I’ll wait in the boat to rush you to the hospital.”

Ruben laughed more over the next hour than he had in years. He’d finally found someone he could talk to about music and art, even fishing. She liked some of the same TV shows he did, and they’d seen many of the same movies. She wasn’t crazy about football, but nobody was perfect. Still, she came damn close. The knots eased in his neck each time Tessa smiled. Even without a glass of wine, he was more relaxed than he’d been in days.

Tessa pushed her plate away. “This was nice. Almost like a date.”

It was nice. Better than any date he’d been on lately. But not so nice that he had a drink or took his eyes off the door.
If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like to read more of The Witch on Twisted Oak, here’s the link:  http://tinyurl.com/lt4hopg

A powerful psychic is brutally murdered. Secrets are revealed. An old enemy is out for revenge.

Detective Ruben Marquez is thrust back into his childhood memories when he investigates a gruesome murder that occurs only feet from his mother’s home. Is the killer somehow connected to his own past? Is the beautiful, mysterious daughter of the victim someone he can trust? Or is her revelation that she’s a witch a sign he should stay clear. But how can he, when it appears she’s next on the murderer’s to-do list.

In the ultimate test of courage, he uses himself as bait to protect all he holds dear . . . his career, his family, and the Witch on Twisted Oak.

You can always find me at:  www.susancmuller.com
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  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Cheryl. I had fun.

  2. Great story, Susan, and an experience I look forward to one day - in about 15 years!

    1. Those fifteen years will whisk by faster than you can imagine, Linda.

  3. That was a fun post, Cheryl. I spend every Sunday with my 13 month old Grand-daughter and they are all special to me. I look forward to the day when I can help her pick out her Homecoming dress. Geeze, I remember when we had Homecoming, we had to wear a gown! Boy the times have changed.

    1. They are special, Gerri. Everyone of them.

  4. Oh no! I have six granddaughters. The book is right up my ally. Love paranormal with a twist of suspense.

    1. Six granddaughters? Save your money, Patricia. On the other hand, my book's only $2.99. LOL

  5. Susan, your dress buying excursion warmed my heart. I have three granddaughters. They still quite young but already makes me wonder if there's enough glitter and sequins left in the world to go around. I already own ALL your books and they're staying on my Keeper Shelf. Great writing! Can't wait until DECEMBER when the next one comes out. WooHoo!

    1. Don't worry, Jaye, they're making more sequins and glitter every day. Besides, in another couple of years, who know what will be in fashion?

  6. Great story Susan! I loved the book - anyone thinking about giving it a try, do it.
    Big love!

  7. Great post. What a wonderful memory for you and your granddaughter. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Janna, and thanks for stopping by.

  8. Susan - Loved this story and know it will become a treasured memory for all 3 of you. I recently got the call from my sister to help my niece buy a new swimsuit. It turned out to be a wonderful shopping experience, and we found something fabulous that she looked great in (and it also won her mom's approval). Good luck with the writing!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I know you understand.

  9. Susan, What a great shopping story and kudos for helping your granddaughter find something that didn't make her look sixteen-going-on-twenty-five. What a wonderful memory for all of you!

  10. Congratulations to our winners, Sarah Hegger and Brenda Stinnnett.

    Thanks for playing and enjoy the read.