November 11, 2013

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 Welcome to Cheryl’s place! I’m thrilled to have you here.

I’m excited to be visiting with you!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from California State Univ. Stanislaus with a BA in psychology. I taught kindergarten for twenty-one years in California, but I’m now a Florida transplant.

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?

My favorite pastime has to be traveling and I’m also fascinated by history and the paranormal, and so I’ve combined all my interests into my passion for writing. 

When did you first get the writing bug?

I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl, but I think I plagiarized ‘The Three Bears’ with my first story. LOL! Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I spent so much time daydreaming that I just decided I had to start writing my stories down. I was always an avid reader and so in school I’d ‘sneak in reading’ when I was supposed to be doing ‘real’ work, much to the detriment of my grades.

Any advice for new writers just starting out?

I think new writers have to find the courage to present their writing to the world in a way they perceive their truth and take a chance that people will ‘get’ what they’re trying to say.  Also, I think they should embrace other writers whom I have found to be some of the most generous people in the world.

What genre or genres do you write?

I write historical paranormal novels, but I’m working on a psychological suspense right now. I’m not sure why, but I lean toward darker subject matter.  I look at the dark side of things in my writing but I always believe that good will triumph over evil and it reflects in my writing. 

Tell us about your latest release(s)

In THE KING’s VAMPIRE, psychic vampire demons want to open the abyss of hell and control humans by enlisting King Charles Stuart II as an immortal vampire. Darius Einhard, demon slayer, and Elizabeth Curran, immortal vampire, will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening. THE KING’S VAMPIRE portrays the age-old conflict between right and wrong. Is ‘bloodlust’ just another name for the demons within that Elizabeth and Darius dare not face? 

Please share an excerpt of your book!

Darius frowned at Godfrey. “Thanks to the help of the Duke and Duchess of Denham, we have access to some very important information within King Charles’s court.”

He nodded in the direction of a tall vampire with sleek black hair, and his lady, a blonde woman who sat calmly in a green taffeta gown, her hair pulled up high on her head with a dozen ringlets framing her pale face. The woman bowed her head, while her husband gave a slight nod of acknowledgement, his elegant body held resolute and straight.

The silence within the pub, thick as London fog, hung in the air. Darius briefly acknowledged Elizabeth sitting between them before he continued. “We have reliable information that George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, has been attacked by psychic vampire demons. He’s now one of them and works for those belonging to the abyss.”

“What’s this about an abyss?” the tall, thin vampire cried out.

“The abyss is the portal of hell for demons. Elizabeth found a nest of them at the ruins of St. Paul’s, discovering the chasm at the same time.”

“If the psychic demons have a portal to hell, then we shouldn’t be messing with them, should we?” Godfrey said.

“If Master Godfrey will allow me to continue,” Darius said, glaring in the direction of the ferret-faced vampire, who bobbed his head like an angry chicken. “It has been brought to my attention the psychic vampire demons are planning an attack on King Charles. If the leader of England becomes a soulless devil, he’ll lead the country that’s already poised to become the greatest empire in the entire world straight into destruction. The fact our community will be decimated will be the least of our troubles.”

“What’s it to us if King Charles becomes a psychic vampire demon? I’ve already heard from the humans his parliament is already sucking the lifeblood out of them anyway.”

The other vampires laughed but Darius slammed his hand down on the oak table. “Those who are damned forever have never been allowed to rule the world-not now-not ever. I don’t intend to allow that to happen as long as I exist.”

What’s your current WIP?

My current work is the second book in my series, TRANSFORMATION OF THE DUCHESS. In this second book in the Abyss series, betrayal sucks, and not in a good way, as vampire Amelia Ashley, Duchess of Denham, has learned.

After leading the remaining vampires of London to Transylvania nearly a dozen years before, Amelia is now trapped with them in a castle on a hill above the forest leading to Sighisoara, birthplace of Vlad Dracula. The stakes are higher because the psychic vampire demons are seeking the help of the immortal vampires and the shape-shifters in order to open the portals of hell.  

Do you prefer your men in boxers, briefs, or commando?

Oh, I definitely think commando is sort of cool, but I have to say it depends on who is, or isn’t, wearing them.  LOL!

 And finally, where can we stalk you? 

Ah, for stalking purposes I can be found at:


Character Interview:

Tell us about the first time you saw the heroine.
Hero: I first saw Elizabeth nearly 100 years ago when she first came to London, disheveled and frightened, but so brave, even though she didn’t understand what it meant to be an immortal vampire. I looked into her lavender eyes and knew we were meant to be together eternally.
Heroine: I’d traveled all the way from Prague, escaping my husband, the man who made me an immortal vampire, and Darius was the first immortal vampire to show me kindness. Sure I was scared, I was terrified, all I knew of vampires came from the folklore, but he took me in and showed me how to survive.

What drew you to him/her?
Hero: Her courage in the face of the unknown drew me to her and I fell into those lavender eyes of hers and wanted to wrap my arms around her and keep her safe for ever.
Heroine: Darius accepted me for who I am. He knew I wanted desperately to recapture my soul, and he was willing to help me in any way he could. When I’d look up into his strongly sculpted face, I knew he was someone I could count on.

What is your favorite thing about him/her:
Hero: I love her stubborn determination to become what she aspires to be, no matter what dangers she has to face.
Heroine: I love that sense of justice and honor that Darius carries within himself, and even though he doesn’t always make the right choices, he perseveres until he gets it right.

Care to share future plans?
Hero: I want to spend the rest of eternity with this woman, fighting against the psychic vampire demons together and making the world a better place.
Heroine: I want to have a family with this man and keep them all safe, protecting them against the evil of the psychic vampire demons and fighting against evil if we must.


  1. Linda Bennett PennellNovember 11, 2013 at 2:55 PM

    Loved the book, Brenda! You are a great writer. Loved learning more about you, as well!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. You have a great week ahead.