December 10, 2013

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Welcome to Cheryl’s place! I’m thrilled to have you here.
Please tell us a little about yourself. That being said, I’m too young to be my chronological age. I’m a believer in magic and true love’s kiss. I fight for what I love. And I’ve had my heart broken several times.

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing? I used to answer this with one word, Darts. But my husband and I have been out of league play for a few years now. I’m thinking about taking up quilting or crochet again. I love cooking, especially trying new recipes. My biggest guilty pleasure now is competition shows. Top Chef, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Masterchef… I love watching people reach for their dreams.

When did you first get the writing bug? When I was in junior high, a high school student on my bus showed me the stories she’d been writing and illustrating with magazine pictures. When I went to college, I knew I didn’t want to write non-fiction, so thought journalism was out. By the time I gave myself permission to start writing again, I was 40 and divorced. Those stories saved my sanity.

Any advice for new writers just starting out? Keep writing, keep submitting, keep learning. Never give up, never surrender. If I had a quarter for every time someone said, “I write, I should finish my novel,” well, I wouldn’t need the day job to pay the bills. My craft is stronger today than yesterday because I wrote both days.

And if you’re considering self-publishing, hire an editor.

What genre or genres do you write? Small town contemporary romance, small town paranormal romance, small town cozy mysteries… Yep, I write small town…

Tell us about your latest release(s). Marriage Not Included is a farmer’s daughter meets the big corporate farm son.

Lauren is headed back to school, this time not as a fun loving coed but to achieve her dream of turning the family farm into Idaho’s first Heritage Seed Center. Selling organic produce at the local farmers market, she meets Miles. After an unexpected act of kindness toward her daughter, Lauren agrees to one date.

As a VP and heir apparent to HN Seeds, the family business, Miles unknowingly holds the future of Lauren’s farm in his hands. Lauren’s looking for anything but a romance. She’s got too much on her plate to risk the distraction. But he plays the one card Lauren can’t resist, family. Miles needs Lauren and her daughter to feel at home. And Lauren needs Miles and his large extended family more than she knows. But can she forgive the one betrayal that would ruin all of her plans for the future?

Please share an excerpt of your book! Lauren Simpson knew her life was about to change. Heck, she planned on it. She just wasn’t planning for the change to start today.
“Mom!” Emma called from the swings. “Mom, watch me.”
Lauren looked up from arranging the boxes of vegetables in time to see the jump. Her heart stopped as her six-year-old flew through the air, her long, curly brown hair hiding her face. She landed in the sand a few feet from the asphalt. She popped straight, throwing her arms up in her best imitation of the gymnasts from last month’s summer games.
“Ta-dah!” Emma stood, waiting for her applause.
“Emma, stop jumping. You’re going to hurt yourself,” Lauren’s voice cracked as she yelled. Shaking, she took a deep breath, the hot, dry air burning her throat. She wished she could be next to her daughter on the swings rather than sweating under the canopy, selling produce. Soon she’d be shuttling back and forth to campus, wishing for a warm day. Grass is always greener, especially when it comes to the weather.
“They can be a handful,” a husky male voice said to her left.
Startled, she peered up at the tanned, tall man standing by her table. His blond hair fell forward, enough to shade his eyes. He was dressed in an Old Navy tee and camouflage shorts, Birkenstocks on his feet.
He continued, “At least, that’s what my sisters say when I provide the candy and ice cream for the sugar high, then leave.”
“And let your sisters pick up the pieces. Nice.” Startled, her response came out harsh, a little too harsh. The heat must be getting to her. “Sorry.”
“Sugar didn’t hurt us growing up. We worry too much about the little things and not enough about the big ones.” He tossed an apple into the air.
Lauren took in the guy’s outfit. People wore shorts all year round in Boise these days, mixed in with the Wranglers and Justin boots. So the guy appeared normal, or normal for here. Not like some of the California transplants she’d seen hanging around town, dressed like they were heading for a day at the beach rather than a short shopping trip. “I don’t know you well enough to tell.”
The man burst out laughing. “I guess that’s true. I’m Miles Hamilton.” He held out his hand.
“I’m Lauren. The budding gymnast over there is my daughter, Emma.” She reached out to shake his hand. He wasn’t bad to look at. Not at all. Lauren’s hand tingled as she pulled away.
Miles waved to Emma who was swinging slowly, watching carefully. “Hi, Emma.”
The girl glared at Miles then, dragging her feet through the dirt, she shuffled over to the slide.
“Most kids like me.” Miles shook his head.
“Emma’s never been like most kids.” Turning, Lauren greeted a white-haired lady, examining the carrots. “All the produce is organic. Our family farm has been chemical free for the last fifty years.”
“I’ll take these.” The woman held several items for Lauren to bag.
“You should be able to make a great salad.” Lauren placed the cherry tomatoes on top of the rest of the purchases. “That will be eight dollars.”
“Here you are.” The woman handed Lauren four crumpled ones, twelve quarters, and ten dimes, counting them out from her red change purse.
“Perfect.” Lauren scooped the coins into her hand, then dumped them into her apron. “I wonder if you could help me out? We’re closing soon. Do you mind taking some extra stuff?” Lauren quickly bagged up one of everything she had left then added a loaf of bread she’d removed from the oven at four o’clock that morning.
“Well, if you need me to take it off your hands.” The woman’s voice shook. “My husband and I could put it to good use.”
“Can I help you to your car?” Miles reached for one of the bags and then stopped, staring at the woman. “Mrs. Henry?”
The woman peered up at Miles, a wide grin spreading across her face. “Well, if it isn’t Miles Hamilton. Nancy told me you were planting trees up north near the Canadian border at the last wild fire site. When did you get home?” She reached out and patted his arm.
“Last week. I’m going back to work for Dad. Should be interesting.” He glanced at Lauren. “This is the only teacher at Bishop Kelly who liked me. And I think she pretended half the time.”
“He was my favorite student.” Mrs. Henry beamed at Miles. “I taught Drama. And this boy starred in all our productions for four years before he graduated. Didn’t you try out for some professional jobs? You were good, very good.”
“Good enough for college parts, not the real thing. I gave theater up years ago, Mrs. Henry.” Miles shrugged his shoulders.
“You should have tried. Oh, well, what does an old woman know? Teachers love their best students. Do you think you’ll like working at HN Seeds?”
Lauren’s breath caught. She waited for Miles’ response but the questions in her head were making it hard to hear the conversation occurring right before her.
This guy worked for HN Seeds? The company that had been trying to buy their farm out from under Gramps?
Lauren knew there were lots of seed companies in the heavily agricultural valley. What were the odds she’d meet someone connected with HN Seeds? Coincidentally, that is.

What’s your current WIP? I’m finishing up the last of the contracted Tourist Trap Mysteries which release next year in April/July/November. Then I’m back to my small town romance and finishing up a couple series that have been waiting.

Do you prefer your men in boxers, briefs, or commando? Briefs.

And finally, where can we stalk you?

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  1. Thanks for having me over Cheryl! It's chilly here in the mid-west today.

  2. Excellent interview, Lynn! Love reading about women who have successfully reinvented themselves. Best of luck with sales BTW...It's chilly in Ontario.

    1. Joanne - It's chilly in St. Louis! LOL Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Love reading about your writing journey. Love that so much goes on in your small towns.

    1. Hi Maggie! Small towns are the best. Mostly because people can be characters there. In and out of fiction. :)

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