February 8, 2016

Reviews Are Rolling In For Sizzle In The Snow

The Romance Studio

" . . . This is a great collection. Each one was unique with a twist on the usual Christmas romances. I really enjoyed the diversity. You never knew what the next story would be about and it was always a surprise.

Here are some of my favorites.
Santa Baby (Beth Carter) What happens when your anonymous, on-the-rebound, one-night-stand of nine months ago turn out to be the doctor delivering your baby? Merry Christmas, Santa Baby. Say hello to your daddy.
‘Twas the Crazy Night Before Christmas (Crystal Firsdon) Far away from home and lonely on Christmas Eve, Clara had a few drinks in a neighbor bar, then headed for a nearby liquor store so she could continue her pity party at home. A half-hour later, she and Drew, another customer and witness to the disastrous store robbery, were trying to outrun the two gun-toting thugs whose faces they had both seen. But how was Clara suppose to keep her mind on running when she’d rather slow down and enjoy being in her protector’s arms?
Christmas Eve Surprise (Cheryl Yeko) Steve had found himself falling in love seven months ago and told Amy he’d be back for her soon. Unfortunately, his CIA supervisor had other ideas and he’d been gone six months when he finally returned to try and find the love of his life. Alone, pregnant with twins, and working in a ratty dive to survive, Amy had cursed Steve for six months…until he arrived to rescue her, her miracle on Christmas Eve.
Sizzle in the Snow is a great collection of love stories and it doesn’t have to be the Christmas season ..."

Full Review Here: The Romance Studio

Night Owl Reviews:

"These novellas create a very interesting collection of holiday reads that are just right for the season. The reader will find all of these reads are a little different and you will not know what to expect until the end. Be ready for some sweet true love stories with some hot erotic spice added, suspense, humor, surprise and in the end a happy endings! I definitely recommend this novel for a Christmas holiday read . . .

 . . . Be ready for '8 sizzling Christmas novellas' that are so beautifully written for the holiday season that will keep you turning the pages till the end . . ."

Full Review Here: Night Owl Reviews

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