October 30, 2011

It's that time again.

This week's Six Sentence Sunday is a scene from, Protecting Rose, due out in December.  Nate believes Rose is dead.  Killed in a house fire set by the bad guys.

“Get out of my way, Rick,” he ordered through gritted teeth. 

Retribution.  He wanted it, and he was going to get it.  With fists flexed angrily at his sides he glared at Rick and took a threatening step forward.  

Rick reached out and gripped him by the shoulders.  Nate went taut, his anguish and grief vibrated in the air.

“Stone,” Rick said, his tone low and calm. “We think she’s alive.”
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  1. Ooh, great cliffhanger! Need more! Great six.

  2. Love that moment when the hero is overset with worry, thinking something bad has happened to his gal. This one is strong.

  3. Intense Cheryl...love your characters and their stength. Nice six

  4. Thanks for stopping everyone!

    Glad you liked it.


  5. Great read so far awaiting the next six