December 5, 2011

Please Welcome my Special Guest - Callie Hutton

When Life Hands You Lemons−Write a Book!
By: Callie Hutton

When I left my last full time job, I decided to work as a substitute teacher until I decided what to do next. When the school year ended, and I found I had a lot of time on my hands, I came up with an idea to keep myself busy.

Over the years, I’d done a lot of writing. I had a job where I did interviews and wrote stories for the company newsletter. I also wrote stories and articles that were published in magazines. But never anything more extensive than that.

I put together a very short story, and paper in hand, entered the local newspaper office in my town and asked for the senior editor. He was pleasant man and listened as I gave him a brief outline of my writing history, and offered him the sample of my writing I’d brought with me. Then I asked if he would consider giving me an assignment or two−not necessarily for pay.

He indicated they had a current opening, and would read over my sample and get back with me. The next day he called, and offered me the job, and told me to come the next morning for my first assignment. For pay!

My appointment was at 10:30, and at 10:00 he called to say his boss wanted to interview other people, and he would get back with me. Hmm. I wasn’t exactly crushed, but seriously annoyed. 

I chewed on it for a bit, and decided to do what I’d always promised myself. I would write that romance novel! So I sat down at the computer and wrote a Historical romance. Then I wrote another one, and another one after that. I was having a ball. Friends and relatives read them and unless they were very good liars, really enjoyed them.

I started submitting one or two of them to publishers. Lots of rejections, but a few took the time to comment on what was wrong. I wrote two more. Re-wrote a lot. Entered contests and got more good advice. Finally, I joined a critique group and met the greatest ladies in the world, who reviewed, criticized, and in some cases, tore apart, the book I felt had the most potential, A Run For Love.  I re-wrote some more.

One year and three months after I wrote the first word of that first book, I was offered a contract. I continued to write and re-write and submit. Two months after the first contract, I got contracts on two different books in one weekend.

Now I have the pleasure of visiting my local newspaper office to present them with a press release about the release of A Run For Love, now available from Soul Mate Publishing, and its sequel, A Wife By Christmas, also available at Soul Mate Publishing. I may also mention the third book, Annie’s Attic, from The Wild Rose Press, coming out in 2012.

Yes, I’m smiling.

By the way, I’m still waiting for the editor to call.  I sure hope he’s there when I bring in my news. <evil grin>

Callie Hutton
A Wife by Christmas:


An excerpt from A Wife By Christmas:

Guthrie, OK
November, 1906
            Max Colbert glared at the woman perched on the edge of the chair across from him.  History teacher Ellie Henderson had been a thorn in his side the size of the Oklahoma sky ever since he’d been appointed principal of Logan County High School three months ago.

She sat there, humming. Humming! His gut twisted and he clenched his jaw.  Drat the woman for being so unconcerned while he fumed.  He needed  to draw on his years of experience in dealing with teachers to get his emotions under control.  He took a deep breath and leaned forward.  “Miss Henderson, your unapproved activities have gone too far. I am going to have to fire you.”

            Ellie’s right eyebrow rose, meeting him glare for glare. “No. You can’t.”

            “Yes I can, and I am.” Blood rushed to his face.

            She stood and placed both palms on his desk, and leaned in. “I will tell my Uncle Jesse.”

            Max pushed his chair back and got to his feet. He moved close enough to see the light dusting of freckles across her nose. “It won’t make any difference.”

            “It will if you plan to be Territorial Superintendent of Schools.” They were now almost nose-to-nose.

            Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. “I will get that job on my own merit.”

Not without Senator Jesse Cochran’s endorsement.”  Her hazel eyes narrowed.
His jaw tightened, his mouth working as if to say something. Then like a rag doll, he collapsed into his seat and leaned back, eyes closed. “Miss Henderson, you are a pebble in my shoe.”

            “And you, Mr. Colbert, are a horse’s behind.”

            He opened one eye. She again sat primly on the edge of her seat, adjusting her skirts.  The two red dots on her cheeks the only indication of her anger.

“You may leave now,” he said through gritted teeth.

            Ellie bowed her head slightly. “As you wish.” She stood, smoothed back the hair always loose from her bun.  With head held high, she sailed from the room, closing the door softly. Her skirt stuck in the door. She re-opened it, yanked the skirt, and banged the door shut.

Max winced at the sound.  His left eye twitched.


  1. Hey, Callie. Welcome.

    I'm currently reading, A Run For Love, and can't put it down. I read until midnight last night, and hope to finish it today. It's a really sweet romance.

    Of course, I've already read, A Wife by Christmas, and you know I loved that story!

    I'm looking forward to Annie's Attic. You've become a must read on my book shelf.


  2. the story sounds good.........Good luck with your writing career.I will look for your books.....

  3. Hi Callie and Cheryl!

    Enjoyed reading about your writing journey Callie. It's always interesting to learn about what others went through on their writing path!

    Congrats on your multiple book contracts and for the many more I'm sure are to come!


  4. Nice interview, Callie and Cheryl!

    Congrats Callie on all your success.
    Way to go,

  5. Great post! Callie's a very talented writer and inspirational, too.


  6. I just finished A Wife By Christmas and loved it. It's funny, romantic, entertaining, and well written. It is a follow-up to A Run For Love, but works well as a stand-alone also. I give it five stars, two thumbs up and a hearty recomendation. Well done, Callie.

  7. Good morning, ladies. Another great blog. I love the variety of posts you've had on your blog tour, Callie.

  8. A huge thanks to my SMP author buddy, and critique partner, Cheryl, for having me here today. I appreciate the opportunity.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by and commenting. I just got the hubby and daughter out of the house, so with coffee in hand, I can spend my time at the computer.

    Susan, can I ask you to post a review of A Wife By Christmas? I'd appreciate it.

    Ally, thanks for the comments on my posts. It's been fun coming up with various things to say.

    Thanks for the kind words, Ann. Neecy, always good to hear from you. Christine, I'm glad you enjoyed my journey tale, and Carol, thanks for your comments.

  9. Congrats on your books and a great interview.

    Have read A Run for Love and loved it. Looking forward to reading my copy of A Wife for Christmas.

  10. Thanks, Barb. I'm glad you liked A Run For Love, and thanks for your great review. (Check out Soul Mate Publishing and Amazon.)

    And I wish you much success with Highland Legacy, which I loved.

  11. That's a great call story, Callie! I laughed at your evil grin there at the end. What will you do? I still have that first story waiting for me to get up the nerve to rewrite it and resubmit it. Until then... I'll keep going on the ones I have in progress. Congrats on all your success friend!

  12. Thanks, Calisa. After I finish the one I'm re-writing now, and do the next sequel to A Run For Love, I'm going to tackle that very first story. I really like it, but it needs a lot of work.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Hi Callie,

    Lovely story. That'll show 'em! Congrats on all your success. Can't wait to read your stuff. I loved Annie's Attic, and I'm sure the other two will be as good.

    You asked on the loop to share what motivated us to sit down and write that first book. I took a class with Mel Odom in September, 2001 [The World Trade Center attack happened just after my first class, and we took a slight break :-( ]. I'd always wanted to write, but spent all those years raising my kids and didn't take time to complete a novel, but the desire to write and the ideas for stories were always simmering in my mind. I found the thought of writing an entire novel rather daunting. Mel said, "Then just write one scene at a time." That was my magic light bulb moment, and that's when I finished that first 'under the bed' novel. My second one was published. :-)

  14. Callie, I LUV your story about bringing in the press releases for A Run for Love, A bride by Christmas, and Annie's Attic, to that little editor! (big grin) Congrats again. Motivates me to get back to serious butt-in-chair! BTW, great story idea for Writer's Digest, eh?

  15. Thanks for sharing your story, Alicia. I think if we look back, there's a 'light bulb' moment for all of us. No wonder you're such a fan of Mel.

  16. Hey Nancy,

    Yeah, I guess it would be a 'gotcha' moment to walk in there with my press releases. Just have to find time to do it, lol.

  17. Hey girls!! Congrats Callie! A Run for Love is currently in my TBR list. I can't wait to read this.

  18. Hey Donna, great that you stopped by. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it.

  19. What a perfect job! I couldn't think of a more perfect career than that of a writer!!

  20. So true, Ceri. To me it's not a job, but fun. Isn't that what work is supposed to be? Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Thanks for visiting, Callie. I just finished A Run For Love. It was great!

    I'm looking forward to guesting on your site. Unfortunately, I spent hours putting together the blog post, but somehow it didn't get saved. So now I have to redo Bummer.


  22. Thanks for having me, Cheryl. I'm glad you enjoyed A run For Love. Can I ask you to post a review? Amazon and Goodreads would work. I'm looking forward to you visiting me next week when your book, Protecting Rose releases. Woo hoo! Loved it. Thanks again, and have a great night.

  23. Callie, I loved reading about what inspired you to take the plunge and go for it! I'm so glad you did. Congratulations and best of luck with all your releases! I'm so happy we're all part of the Soul Mate family!

  24. Thanks Casey, I appreciate you stopping by