February 22, 2012

Pleast Give a Warm Welcome to Susan Muller

As an author, I hope my words have some entertainment value, but occasionally they can teach a lesson.
Here are three things you might learn from reading The Secrets on Forest Bend.

When a woman asks you out, be careful. She probably wants something from you.

Adam Campbell has been a homicide detective for several years now. When gun store owner Jillian Whitmeyer invites him over for dinner, he isn’t sure if this is a date or a thank you. Is he on duty or off?

It certainly isn’t the first time a woman has asked him out, but whenever it happens, he becomes suspicious. He usually discovers she has some ulterior motive.

He’s never so much as fixed a parking ticket, no matter where the woman has her hands when she asks, and he doesn’t plan to start now. One step down that road is one step too many and has led to the downfall of many a good cop.

Still, he has to wonder, what has Jillian been up to that she needs his help to fix?
Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
When Jillian confides to Adam that the spirit of her dead sister is trying to take over her body, he decides to bow out of the relationship. He’s been a bad judge of women in the past and this one is obviously a nut case. Or is she?

As more and more accidents befall him, Adam struggles to convince himself that everything that’s happened to him is because he’s been thinking about Jillian and not concentrating on work.

When you’re looking for forgiveness, some women are tougher than others.

Adam’s ex-girlfriend, Mai, has been causing him trouble at work and he decides to appease her with a diamond bracelet he claims was a birthday gift he never gave her. The diamonds are small and the band is thin, but it sparkles and that’s all it takes to impress Mai.

Insincere words and cheap trinkets won’t carry much weight with Jillian. He might actually have to be honest if he wants a chance with her.

The Secrets on Forest Bend is available from www.soulmatepublishing.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.
You can follow Susan Muller at www.susancmuller.com


  1. Now there are some great teasers! Love the premise of the ghostly sister trying to control the heroine...but all these other morsels seal the deal...your book is on my tbr list!

  2. Wow, great post, Susan. As Christine said, great teasers there. Best of luck with The Secrets on Forest Bend.

  3. I love the format you used to lure us in. The Secrets of Forest Bend is on my TBR list.

  4. The Secrets on Forest Bend IS a great book. Lots of mystery, a vengeful ghost and a super sexy detective. You guys gotta read it. Great interview, Susan and Cheryl!