March 5, 2012

Protecting Rose - Mustang Contest

2012 Winner-Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

It's all in the name.

My husband's (Patrick) classic '65 Mustang (yes, the one I mention in, Protecting Rose) needs a name. He's owned this car since he was 18 and restored both the body and engine over the years.  He is quite the gear-head.

We are looking for something that makes you visualize....wild stallions, open ranges, freedom, sleek, beautiful and fast.
  Trying to keep it in the Mustang theme.

It will actually be engraved on portions of his car, such as the wheel centers and parts of the motor and stuff.
  I know, it's a guy thing!  We will be entering it into the show circuits starting this summer!! Fun...Stuff.
I've included an artist rendering of what the car will look like, when it finally gets back to us from the painters.  He's had it for over a year now and we are growing anxious.  But, it evidently takes time to bring it up to such a high level of beauty.

But, we should have it in time for this summer's show car season.  I plan to have book signings for, Protecting Rose, at the car shows alongside the car.  I think I'll buy a big cut-out of my cover model, Jimmy Thomas, and stand it next to me.  How fun is that!?  Although, I don't think Pat finds it as amusing as I do. LOL.

So, I'm taking suggestions for a name for the Mustang. We will be holding this contest open for a couple months. I will announce the winner sometime in May.

The winner will received an e-copy of, Protecting Rose, as well as an autographed signed copy when the book comes out in print-form in July.

Thanks for all your suggestions, in advance!!


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