May 7, 2012

I Love Vacation

My wonderful husband, Patrick, recently took me on vacation and I wanted to share the love!

For the last four years, we've taken a road trip each summer to visit our dear friends in South Carolina. Jack and Nancy.

Jack and Nancy live in Fort Mill, a part of the old Jim and Tammy Faye Baker PTL compound. Very Interesting!  The compound has been turned  into condos. Cute little homes situated near a golf course. A lovely neighborhood filled with lovely people.

I've known Jack for over twenty-five years and he's a great guy. About five years ago he ran into his old high school sweetheart (and ex-fiance) Nancy. They were soon married!  How fun is that? Nancy is great. I love her and they make a great couple. It's the oddest thing though, to see pictures of her and Jack from 'back in the day' hanging on the walls of their new home.

Pat and I headed out early to the Carolinas to avoid Chicago traffic and went as far as Kentucky before stopping for the night. Pat took me out for a nice dinner. We woke up early the next morning to get on the road again. Anxious to get there.

We only managed to travel about five miles before hitting a huge traffic jam that lasted for over four hours.  Yep. You heard that right. Four Hours! We just shut the car off and sat. We talked to some nice folks and learned a small car had slammed into a gas truck, spilling gas everywhere.

Traffic finally started moving. Funny. It was my shift to drive that morning. But after sitting in the car for what seemed like forever, I told Pat my shift was over. He laughed, and said I'd only driven a few miles.  I had to remind him that I'd been behind the wheel for over four hours.  Sweetheart that he is, he bought it and took over driving. Love that man!

We made it to Jack and Nancy's a little later than anticipated, but still in time to enjoy a cook-out and a chance to visit and relax before bed.

Next day we headed on over to Hickory, North Carolina and enjoyed a fun filled day at their annual beer festival. This was our fourth year in attendance and it was a blast.

The following day, we drove over to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Being off season, we were able to get a really nice ocean view suite at a reasonable price.  Dinner, drinks and fun walks along the beach soon ensued.

I was up at 2:30 a.m. sitting out on the deck, reading my Kindle and listening to the surf. It was awesome.

I think next year, we'll head straight to the beach.!

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