February 28, 2013

 An author of over fifty novels since 1987, Nancy Gideon thrives on variety. Under her own name and several pseudonyms, she’s written award-winning series suspense, historical and paranormal bestsellers, earned a “Career Achievement for Historical Adventure”, and has had two original horror screenplays optioned for film. A Michigan native, she works full time as a legal administrative assistant and feeds a NetFlix addiction.

Welcome to Cheryl’s place!  I’m thrilled to have you here.

Thanks for inviting me for this final stop on my BETRAYED BY SHADOWS blog tour,  Cheryl!  It’s been quite the ride.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an uber Type-A author of 54 romances celebrating my 25th year in publishing with BETRAYED BY SHADOWS, the 7th book in my “By Moonlight” dark paranormal shape-shifter series for Pocket Books. I have a day job as a legal assistant, am a spoiling Grammy, and indulge in an out-of-control Netflix addiction compounded by all things Downton Abbey.

When did you first get the writing bug?

When I opened my first spiral bound notebook in fourth grade to pen extravagant fan fiction in honor of the cute guy sitting at the desk two up in the next row over. Oh, the adventures we shared . . . mostly during math.

Any advice for new writers just starting out?

Be prepared to work!  Writing is a job, and it isn’t for sissies.  It takes a lot of self-discipline and determination.  And it’s also a business.  That was the one thing that surprised me when I started out.  I wasn’t prepared for the business aspect of becoming an author – establishing contacts, keeping tight schedules, doing taxes, understanding contract clauses, learning the required steps to establish an author presence, and making those hard career decisions. Whew!  And I thought all I had to do was write a good book . . .

What genre or genres do you write?

I’ve written in most of them!  I started out in historical romance doing regencies and westerns, then expanded into paranormals with my “Midnight” vampire romance series and now with my current “By Moonlight” Shape-shifters, and have also done contemporaries and romantic suspense. The most fun was something out of the ordinary – a novelization for an Indie horror movie!  I’ve also collaborated on two horror screenplays. Variety is my preferred spice of life. I just got the rights back to my old Dana Ransom books.  I sold the four contemporaries to BelleBooks for reissue in 2014 and am looking for good homes for the historicals.

Do you see yourself trying any another genre in the future and if so which one?

I love the paranormal trend in Young and New Adult and have been kicking around a couple of series ideas.

Tell us about your latest release?

Better yet, let me show you . . .

Please share an excerpt of your book!

Too keyed up to remain in her room, Brigit wrapped herself in the plush robe hanging on the door and wandered down the wide, curving staircase. To enjoy the illusion of freedom, she stepped out through the front door to inhale the cool if heavy night air. And the scent of cigarette hanging on it.

Her pulse lunged like a startled deer as she spun, eyes wide, body tensing into fight-or-flight mode.

It wasn’t the dead come to claim her. It was only Giles St. Clair sitting on an old-fashioned glider, rocking slowly while having an evening smoke.

“Evening, Miz MacCreedy.” His voice was a low, soothing rumble. “Catch up on your sleep, did you?”

Fright changing into fierce defensiveness, she clipped out “Yes, thank you.”

“Going somewhere?”

She made an expansive gesture. “Where would I go, Mr. St. Clair? I believe we’re in the middle of nowhere I want to be.” When he made no reply, she sighed. “I thought the night air might help me think through some things.”

The cigarette glowed bright and hot. “Anything I can help you with?”

“I can’t imagine how, but thank you for asking.”

“Your brother asked me to look out for you. Just letting you know so you wouldn’t think I had designs of my own.”

He had her complete attention. “Silas asked you to spy on me?”

“Not in so many words.”

“In what words, exactly?” she demanded. How dare Silas treat her like a wayward child who needed supervision! Turning her over to this—this stranger, this human! When the human in question remained silent, she growled in aggravation. “I don’t need someone looking out for me, so I’d appreciate you keeping your distance.”

“That’s what I told him.”

Her eyes narrowed into slits. She could see him lounging on the wooden swing, wearing the suit coat over an open-collared white shirt, though well-worn jeans and tennis shoes had replaced their dresser counterparts. He was a good-looking man in a ruggedly conservative way that usually didn’t appeal to her. She liked pretty men with pretty manners.

 There was nothing the least bit pretty about Giles St. Clair. His hair was a close-cut basic brown with a touch of rather sexy silvering at the temples that made it hard to judge his age. Mid- to late thirties was her guess. His obvious time spent outdoors had left creases at the corners of his eyes that deepened attractively with his frequent smile. His big frame was as relaxed as his tone.

He appeared a gentle giant, with those calm blue-gray eyes and easy movements, but she wasn’t fooled by that impression.

“Don’t think for a minute that you can tell me what to do or that I’ll listen to anything you have to say.”

A slow smile. “I didn’t think that even for a second.”

That made her pause. “So what does he expect you to do?”

“Help you if you need it and get in the way of you doing anything foolish. Otherwise, I’ll be keeping that distance.”

“You do know that you’re just a puny human and I can tear through you like a slice of prime rib.”

His teeth flashed white. “I’ve always considered myself more of a slow-cooked, chuck-roast kind of fellow. Meaty, a bit of gristle, but tender if basted properly. And I think I could take you. I know a thing or two about your kind. You can growl, scratch, and bite, but for the most part, you can’t change into anything more dangerous than the average female.”

“You would wrestle me to the ground, Mr. St. Clair?”

“Only if I had to. And I’d try not to enjoy it.”

Why had she ever thought her thuggish jailer pleasant and vaguely amusing?

“I’ll do my best not to provoke any physical contact.”

She could feel the hair bristling on the back of her neck and wished just once she could transform to scare the ever-loving smugness out of him.

But he was right. She couldn’t go through him. So that left around him or over him.

What book are you reading now?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had  a chance to do as much reading as I’d like but I’m having a knee replacement next Friday and have my iPad filled to the brim to keep me busy for the four weeks I’m off work.  I’ve got a little of everything. Suspense, horror, historical, comedy, and romance.  Can’t wait!!!

Tell us what excites you about writing and getting published.

What I really love is the process of writing! Developing the plotline and characters, layering the story, discovering new surprises and obstacles along the way.  My greatest joy is behind the scenes, before my baby is delivered out into the world of marketing and sales and social media.  It’s that intimate connection during the creation of the book.  The rest is just business – fun, exciting, and gratifying business.

Do you prefer your men in boxers, briefs or commando?

Depends on the man . . .

What’s your current WIP?

PRINCE OF SHADOWS is the next book in the “By Moonlight” series, set for release on 5-27-13 - my birthday!  It’s a departure because it moves from New Orleans to Lake Tahoe, home of the fierce Terriot clan.   

Here’s a teaser:

“Held hostage until she chooses a mate, Kendra Terriot must play a careful courtship game when choosing from among dangerous Shifter heirs. As a prince in the House of Terriot, Cale knows with Kendra at his side he can be the leader his clan needs, but first he must learn to become the kind of man she desires. In a treacherous race for the crown, where weakness means death, to prove he’s not the beast his gentle beauty fears, the only way Cale can win her trust could mean surrendering his throne. But the only way to win her heart could mean letting her go.”

And finally, where can we stalk you?


If you would like to have your hero and heroine visit as well, please answer the following for the hero and the heroine.

Tell us about the first time you saw each other . . .
Giles: She was hiding behind a big attitude crashing her brother’s wedding, looking like something the cat dragged in. A very gorgeous, badly dressed in borrowed clothes and bloodstains, something.

Brigit: He was some talkative big thug hired to get me out of the way as quickly and quietly as possible so I wouldn’t make waves in front of my brother’s new friends.

What drew you to him/her?
Giles:  There was a vulnerability under that attitude. I’ve got a soft spot for damsels in distress. I could tell she was in trouble, but she was too stubborn to reach out for help.
Brigit:  He’s got this wonderful presence, this calm, gentle center.  Nothing riles him, but at that same time, there’s a hint of something that tells you you never want to see him riled.

What is your favorite thing about him/her:
Giles:  Her courage.  She’s not afraid to tackle anything that threatens those she cares about.  Once she’s got your back, you can depend on her to always be there.
Brigit:  His honesty.  Giles tells it like it is. He doesn’t play games.  That was something I wasn’t used to in a man.

Care to share future plans?
Giles:  She’s talked me into taking up some dreams I walked away from a long time ago.
Brigit: It’s too early to make personal plans until I make sure my cousin Kendra is safe. I promised her I’d be back to get her away from those beasts, the Terriots. If Cale Terriot thinking trying to kill me will discourage that, he’s mistaken!


Balancing a criminal empire and a preternatural clan war, reluctant front man Giles St. Clair doesn’t need a problem like Brigit MacCreedy . . . How much trouble can the head-strong and manipulative Shifter beauty get into in two weeks? Plenty when her schemes range from kidnapping to fleeing the retribution of her dead lover’s clan.

With her family’s lives on the line, Brigit is willing to do whatever it takes to save them. The only thing standing in her way is an immovable stone wall of a man she can’t bully or beguile . . . a human, no less, who has promised to protect her from the secrets and dangers she conceals.

Risking her own safety gets complicated when an honorable and annoyingly desirable man puts himself between her and her powerful enemies in a battle he can’t win in this Taming of the Shrew meets Shifter Goodfellas on the Bayou tale of consequences, redemption and finding love in all the wrong places.


Brigit slit her eyes open to the brightness of midmorning. She was alone in the bunk. Harsh-smelling coffee warmed on the hot plate, and Giles was nowhere in sight. Then she heard the unmistakable crack of ax into wood.

Feeling tired and sticky and . . . fabulous, she stretched and reached for the crimson-colored sweatshirt Giles had left folded on the edge of the mattress. Harvard? She slipped it over her head to swim in generous folds that came almost to her knees. Rolling back the cuffs, she found the shoe she’d tucked Boyd’s cell phone into, discouraged to see no message from Silas. She tucked it under the sleeping bag on the top bunk, pushed bare feet into her shoes, and went to pour coffee. Her whole body ached gloriously, making her smile as she stepped out onto the tiny back porch.

Because she could still hear his voice, rough with passion.


Giles had his back to her, splitting wood in the glare of morning light, a beautiful sight in his revealing muscle shirt. Strong, sexy. A light sweat had broken out on his shoulders, gleaming amid scores of scratches, some nearly healed from their passionate tussle in New Orleans and some raw stripes from hours ago. Chagrined, she put a nail trim and manicure on her agenda for the day.

He’d taken the batteries out of the flashlight to power an old cassette player and was timing his swings to the raucous beat of a late-eighties hip-hop tune that probably dated back to days spent here in male bonding. Something ridiculous about Humpty Dumpty dancing? Her gaze followed the suggestive rock and bump of his hips as the sassy backup singers crooned, “Do me, baby.”

Oh, yay. Good idea.

Time to whip up something for breakfast.

She’d taken a step forward, intending to initiate some moves of her own, when the music dialed down and muted as another sound reached her.

The cup fell from her hands, shattering on the wood planking, as all her senses trembled and went taut.

And a single cry ripped from her.

“Giles, behind you!”

Giles spun, continuing his momentum with the ax so it caught his assailant midleap in the upper chest, flinging him to the ground. Even as he wrestled the blade free, his attacker was gaining his feet, falling into a menacing crouch as his lips pulled back from a mouth full of dagger-like teeth.

Alarm became coldly dangerous intentions when he recognized the disfigured Shifter from Brigit’s description.

“Brigit, get inside!”

He didn’t look around to see if she obeyed. There was no time as the creature sprang.

Driven to the ground on his back, Giles couldn’t angle for another swing as he was forced to grip the ever thickening throat to keep those deadly teeth away from him. A battle he knew he wasn’t going to win as the beast completed its change of form into something monstrous and impossibly strong.

Run, Brigit! That was all he had time to think. Run!

All he had to do was stay alive long enough for her to get a head start.

There was a deafening report from the porch, and suddenly, the figure hunching over him was plucked off and sent rolling away.

Giles risked a glance toward the cabin to see Brigit with her feet planted wide, his pistol braced in both hands. The pistol he’d wisely loaded with silver rounds.

As he scrambled to his feet, his attacker was gaining his own, obviously struggling not to revert back into humanlike form from the effects of the silver. Brigit’s shot had taken him in the other side of the chest. Giles’s first blow from the ax had already healed. Making him no less lethal as he sprang a second time. No less quick.

And this time Giles didn’t respond fast enough.

My Review: I enjoyed this story and found the characters likeable and the plot engaging. I believe this book is part of a series and on occasion found myself confused trying to understand some of the nuances of the story. But, all in all, a good read. 

I will read this author again. 


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