February 6, 2013

PROTECTING ROSE: Book Club Comments

What passage from the book stood out to you?

Funny JuneBug – I almost picked the same passage as you, so instead I chose from Chapter
19, page 198:

“Rose gave a light-hearted laugh. “You can call me whatever you want as long as you call me,” she teased. She didn’t care if he called her “hey you” as long as he kept on loving her.
Nate smiled, his eyes blazed with emotion. “Okay then, Rose for now. I’ll work Cassandra in as we go along. How’s that?”

She liked that plan, especially the “as we go along” part. It sounded like a future. A future with Nate. She warmed inside."

I think that is when she realized he REALLY loved her – he was always very loving towards her and she knew he loved her, but this was something about a future, a future for “them”.
I chose a passage from chapter 19.

She opened her eyes and looked into the warm blue ocean of Nate's eyes..It must be heaven. Dazed, she just continued to stare at him in awe as her mind attempted to assimilate her surroundings. She could hear piano music.. A tv hung from Stark white walls..The beeping sound came from a monitor by her bed.

A sense of de'ja vu swamped her..This couldn't be real.She must be dead. She glanced around in bemusement. With a moan, she closed her eyes and her body trembled.Had she woken up in hell instead of heaven? Was she doomed to spend the rest of eternity reenacting the past week, forced to endure Nate's death over and over, as well as her imprisonment and torture?

" Am I dead?"

A hope on her part, I believe.
Well one I liked (had a tough time choosing between quite a few…)

Chapter 3 (third paragraph)

They entered the condominium’s lobby and Nate led her to a gold couch bordered by two matching chairs. The overstuffed furniture was nestled under a picture window that offered a spectacular view of the lake. Gold velvet drapes flowed down to puddle on the dark ceramic floor, creating a dramatic look. Large golden ornamental vases filled to bursting with red and yellow roses brightened the room. The black baby grand piano tucked in a corner near a beautifully detailed grandfather clock added ambiance. It was an elegant room.
Chapter 19 (2nd and 3rd paragraph)

She slowly woke to the sound of Nate's voice. She could hear the gentle tones of piano music, mingled with a rhythmic beat. The steady beeps at odds with the sweet sound of the music. Rose strained towards the sounds as she tried to escape the silence that trapped her.

She opened her eyes and looked into the warm blue ocean of Nate's eyes. It must be heaven. Dazed, she just continued to stare at him in awe as her mind attempted to assimilate her surroundings. She could hear piano music. 


I hope you enjoyed these comments from the Book Club - I know I did!



  1. Loved the choices from the Book Club. I've read both Protecting Rose and A Man to Trust. I found them to be fantastic reads. Can't wait to read Abducting Casey.

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