March 7, 2013

PROTECTING ROSE - Book Club Comments

- The characters of Nate and Rose. I love them both. Though Rose is sometimes just tooooo nice. : ) And Nate - ladies, I need to know: do men like that actually exist? here on Planet Earth I mean? in the flesh and blood? not just in our fantasies? cause wow - i"d like to have one of those! : )
As for Rose trusting Nate - I guess when you are in her situation you kind of have to. I also think that there was some strong gut instincts between these two - like soul mates, destiny etc - perhaps they knew each other in another life and hence the feeling of trust. 

And those intimate scenes - wow! hot! 

In all the scenes from action scenes to simply having lunch to the under the sheets scenes - I find Cheryl's writing so crystal clear and vivid you can really picture it. fast paced book, holds your attention. I'm not done yet but already want this to be a series.
So, I'm more than a little late with my thoughts on the first 2 ques. hopefully by the time Bagh is back in the swing of things I'll be done the book in full and will comment on the Mondays. : )

Have a lovely day, all!


- I never put my comment for the last question...about what emotion I here is my comment....

The main emotion was, of course, love. But there was fear, hatred, anxiety, lust, and excitement. This was a very well-rounded book, with all kinds of emotions, sometimes all rolled into one scene. And there was also a sadness, on my part, when the book ended…I wanted it to continue!! That is the sign of a GREAT book – not wanting it to end. I feel that way when I read books by Dame Agatha Christie and Jonathan Kellerman…Cheryl is in wonderful company!!!! She is on my list of “Favorite” authors – and believe me, my list of favorite authors is very small.

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