May 21, 2013

Protecting Rose Book Club Comments - Enjoy!

As I post the last of the Protecting Rose book club comments, I want to thank my mother for her support. I also want to thank her internet group for holding a book club with my book!  Thank you, ladies!

- I guess my favorite thing about the book, besides the fact that I “know” the author (well through her mother), was that it was first of all, very well written. The flow to the writing was really good – held my attention on every page. The 2nd thing I would say is my favorite thing is the love story between Nate and Rose. It was sweet, loving, hot, and in the end “true love”. My least favorite thing – well, there was only 1 thing…that it ended!!! I know that books can’t just keep going, but when I read a really good book I always feel sad when I get to the last page and that is how I felt when I got to the last page of Protecting Rose.


- Protecting Rose was just a good read. A straightforward storyline that still kept you guessing how it would all work out.


-My only comment to the question is if anyone says they didn’t like the love scenes, or thought there were too many, or not well written…well, my comment would be “WHAT?????”  They were wonderful, well written, very descriptive, and never too many!!!!  Well done Cheryl!!!!

May 16, 2013

A Writer's Life

Can I Write Another Book?

That’s my first question to myself once I’ve completed a novel, including the final edits. After everything comes together, and I’m looking at my final work product and thinking . . . wow, did I actually write that?
It amazes me each time that I was able to start and finish a story that people will enjoy.
Then the nerves start. Will I be able to do it again?
And to be honest, I’m never confident that I can.
Until I do . . .
Then it’s like . . . wow! I did it.
But, can I do another...?