October 14, 2013

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Welcome to Cheryl’s place! I’m thrilled to have you here.

Thanks for having me stop by, Cheryl. I’m looking forward to connecting with your readers and sharing a little bit about my characters and their story.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I subscribe to the French philosophy that says you can indulge a little and enjoy life. While my regular breakfast is Greek yogurt or oatmeal, I balance that with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and a glass of wine every day (not to mention the occasional bacon cheeseburger or loaded nachos–okay, maybe not so occasional–guilty as charged).

I’m a wife and mom and former history teacher. A native Texan. An alto that really is more of a tenor, but not a very good one. I wish every season could be autumn because I love to wear sweaters and scarves!

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?

I like to read, watch movies, and attend sporting events, but probably my favorite activity is getting out and walking every morning. I do it as soon as I wake up. It helps clear the cobwebs and eases me into my day. It’s “me” time, with no interruptions, and it’s also a great time to let my characters have conversations in my head and think about the upcoming plot points for my work-in-progress.

Any advice for new writers just starting out?

      Don’t be afraid! Just start writing (or typing on your keyboard) so you can get your ideas down. Give yourself permission to let anything go, as you might in brainstorming. Once something’s down on paper, if it’s horrible you can delete it. It might be really good, though, and you can add to it and make it even better. No one becomes a champion ice skater in a day. It takes daily practice for years. Writing is the same way.

     Also, I’d advise any writer to attend conferences and workshops because these can be invaluable. Not only do you learn so much about the craft of writing, but you meet other writers. Those experiences and friendships go a long way.

What genre or genres do you write?

I focus on historical romance. My favorite eras to write about are medieval times and the American West after the Civil War.

Tell us about your latest release(s)?  

Outlaw Muse grew from my researching information to share with my history students. I read in-depth about the Orphan Trains and cattle drives. My heroine Serena and her twin brother come west on one of the trains and become separated during the selection process. She determines to find him and does so–while on the run from a crooked sheriff who tried to hang her for a murder she didn’t commit. She wished for a hero to save her from the gallows, and English playwright Daman Rutledge did just that. In Serena, Daman finds the muse he’s been missing and his one true love, all while trying to prove her innocence.

Please share an excerpt of your book!
“Give me your hands. I’ll hoist you up.”
Serena braced one foot against the wheel for leverage and held out her hands. Daman gripped them firmly and pulled her up to the narrow platform as he took a step back. But his movement threw her balance off, and she pitched forward.
Straight into Daman’s chest.
“Oh!” she exclaimed, her heart pounding rapidly. His hands tightened on hers as he helped her right herself in the narrow space. Then their eyes locked. Serena’s heart skipped a beat before it began wildly hammering in her chest. She feared Daman would hear its thundering beat.
But what she feared most was he might let her go.
His vivid blue eyes caressed her as much as a physical touch. She became lost in their depths, her knees weakening, threatening to collapse.
But Daman was there. She found his arms suddenly around her, holding her steady, her heart fluttering out of control. She didn’t dare breathe else she’d break the spell.
And then he lowered his mouth to hers.
The kiss was tender, achingly sweet, his lips moving against hers, his hands pressing her closer. Then she sensed the change. His mouth became more demanding, more possessive, more consuming. A fire ignited inside Serena, burning brightly. She pushed her hands into his thick chestnut hair, holding on tightly as the world spun around her.
A banging from the coach’s interior startled her as a voice called out, “So do ya know how to drive or not?”

What’s your current WIP?

I’m writing a western about a Pinkerton detective whose client is an opera diva on tour of the great opera houses in the west, places such as Denver, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. No, he doesn’t fall for the temperamental soprano. Instead, he meets an Eastern heiress who likes to read as much as he does, a strawberry blonde angel who winds up challenging everything he thinks he knows about himself.

Do you prefer your men in boxers, briefs, or commando?

Yes, yes, and yes!

And finally, where can we stalk you?


Tell us about the first time you saw the h/h.
I was driving my cart to return to the train in Abilene and saw a crowd gathered. Curiosity got the better of me, and I moved closer. Shock ran through me as I saw a woman with a noose about her neck, about to be executed. I knew I couldn’t abandon her to this barbaric American mob.

Heroine: I caught a glimpse of my rescuer when he yanked the hood off that Sheriff Parker placed over my head just before my execution. Of course, I was coughing and sputtering since Parker had thrown the lever to begin the hanging, and I’d already spent a few seconds swinging from the rope. After I caught my breath, I lost it again–looking into my hero’s eyes.
What drew you to him/her?
Something in her eyes reminded me of my sister. I hadn’t been able to save Cynthia, but I refused to let this woman die. Of course, as a connoisseur of women, it didn’t hurt that she had a raven mane of hair, amber eyes, and curves all in the right places.

Heroine: I sensed a deep hurt that ran through him and wanted to protect him as he had me. It surprised me to think him vulnerable because he stood over six feet and had a commanding presence, with dark chestnut hair and penetrating blue eyes.
What is your favorite thing about him/her:
Hero: Serena is beautiful inside and out, and her generous spirit has sparked my creativity once again. She makes me not only a better playwright . . . but a better man.
Heroine: Daman is innately good and the most creative soul on the planet. There’s nothing he can’t do.
Care to share future plans?
I want us to travel back to England so Serena can see where I grew up and meet my brother. Of course, she’s already inspired countless ideas, so I’ll have lots of plays to write–in-between making love to her a good three or four times a day.

Heroine: I want to get to know my twin brother Bill again, but most of all I want to spend every waking moment I can with the hero of my heart, my husband Daman.

Excerpt for MUSIC FOR MY SOUL:
            Madeleine knew with certainty that the nobleman would recognize her. They spent too much time in one another’s company for him not to know her upon first sight.
            Madeleine groaned aloud. Where Sir Ashby was, she was positive his friend, the brooding Lord Montayne, would soon appear. She did not care to see that one face to face, especially since he had been so angry at her when they parted.
            She decided to skirt the crowd and make her way back to the performance area. She would plead a sore throat and have Farley allow her to take York’s place in the play. Just as she thought she’d made her way unseen, she heard shouts headed her way.
            “Stop, thief! Stop!”
            The cutpurse ran by her swiftly, throwing a cursory glance over his shoulder. She despised those who preyed upon others’ misfortune, and she was ready to see this shabby scoundrel caught. Madeleine stepped out, ready to give chase after the fellow when she was blind-sided, being thrown to the ground, the wind knocked from her.
            Who had attacked her? She looked up into the blinding summer sun but could not see who stood above her. Then the shadow moved, covering her face from the harsh light.
            “Why if ‘tis not Lady Montayne,” said a familiar voice. “And where the hell is my favorite cloak?”


  1. Thanks for letting me stop by today, Cheryl! It's a treat to be able to share my characters with your readers.

  2. The new book sounds so exciting! I enjoyed the character interview Lauren. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Violetta! It's fun to hear my characters again after closing the book on them.

  3. I absolutely loved this couple and this story! And the character interview is brilliant.

    1. Oh, Aven, it was fun to have them talk about each other--especially since I know that somewhere they're living out their love story.