August 12, 2014

The Power of Three - RWA Conference Fun!

The Power of Three, Callie, Char, and Cheryl would like to introduce something new and fun for all our readers! 

Remember those old-time magazine serials? You'd get a chapter at a time, anything from "true crime" to romance. Sometimes you'd get science fiction, or a mystery. The story built, issue by issue, each segment ending with a knockout cliffhanger that kept you on the edge of your seat, dying for more. 

Well, we thought it might be fun to start our own romantic serial, starting with our September newsletter. Each month we'll include a chapter of the story, and it will go for at least ten newsletters.

There might be more. The fun of this serial is the entire 'pantser' (writing by the seat of your pants) aspect. As we take turns writing it, we'll release each section in the newsletter. When we're finished, we'll self publish it in its entirety. We might even set it up in such a way that we can do more than one serial. What fun! 

We can't wait, and we hope you'll stay tuned; follow along with us in our Newsletter. If you're not currently a subscriber, you can sign up here: The Power of Three

Today we're sharing pictures from our wonderful writers conference, RWA's 2014 Annual Conference, in San Antonio. Many were there, many had fun. Including Yours Truly, The Power of Three. 

What's just as good as hanging out at the beach with a fab book and a tall, cold glass of anything sweet and yummy?

Hanging out with your BFFs with tall, cold glasses of sweet n' yummy . . . and plotting all kinds of fab writing stuff! Callie was unable to join us at the restaurant because she was attending the PAN (published author network) retreat, so we ordered really BIG drinks and toasted her!

We all live several states away from each other, and about the only time we three can get together is a conference.

Currently we're plotting a weekend retreat somewhere, sometime in the future when our collective batteries are low and we are in need to energize. In the meantime, live chats, Facebook, and emails keep our momentum going.

For writers, conferences like RWA are like mega-zaps of mega-vitamins. There's nothing like hanging out with like-minded people who are as crazed as you.

Here are a couple photos of the awards dinner.

Nobody needs sleep.

Okay, maybe a catnap now and then. Who needs food? Well, perhaps a bag (or ten) of chocolate to keep up the sugar energy. 

In between glomming on chocolate, catching a dozen Zzs and swilling your beverage of choice, the talk and the workshops revolves
around writing, publishing, editing, awards, contests, parties, more workshops, book signings . . . for five straight days it never stops.

Hang on, soak it in, take tons of photos, and plan on even more craziness next year.

The book signing was a great success.

Char and Cheryl met up with their publisher, Debby Gilbert, of Soul Mate Publishing.

Followed by a fun-filled night at the Soul Mate Authors' Dinner!

And then of course, what the heck, our first Power of Three Selfie. Having way too much fun!!

Thank you for sharing our conference with us. We are all looking forward to next year's conference in New York City!

Be sure to stop back in next month for the first chapter of our new novel we are writing together.
How fun is that!

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