March 2, 2015

California Vacation Fun

Hi, everyone. My husband and I recently took a relaxing vacation, away from Wisconsin to sunny California. I created a book trailer of our time spent there and would love to share it with you. 

Just for fun!

We were visiting our friends Pete & Cindy. My husband has known his buddy Pete since the second grade. How cool is that?


  1. Loved your video, Cheryl. It made me a wee bit homesick for the SoCal coast. Only a little bit I suffered from many allergies "down there" from the smog and what have you. And I grew up on the desert in SoCal! Go figure. Anyway, hubby and I now live in the NoCal zone of Central California (Sacramento)...with fewer allergies but still missing the coastal weather. Sniff.

    1. Hi, Janice...I'm glad you enjoyed the video. :) Enjoy your sunny weather, we have a snowstorm rolling into the area here. lol...I want to go back to California.


  2. Not trying to ruin your SoCal high, but we never really got a winter here. A couple of relatively cold days and night, and a couple of storms, but winter in the 70's - 90's and Spring, Summer and Fall in the 80's to 120's can get old too. Not that I'd go anywhere else. I'd have to leave my family, who mostly all prefer heat over cold. So, a SoCal girl I was born and a SoCal girl I'll die. But your slide show was fun, and, truthfully, where else can you go an hour or so in any direction and be in a new terrain?

  3. Thanks for posting, Taswmom. It's fun to hear another viewpoint. I'm a woman who hates the cold, living in Wisconsin...

    It'd be fine by me if I never saw snow again... :) But I do admit, the Springs are lovey!