November 15, 2015

SIZZLE IN THE SNOW - Countdown Continues...


November 15, 2015


Eight steamy romances by eight Soul Mate Publishing authors . . .

This Christmas season, Soul Mate Publishing and editor, Char Chaffin, presents Sizzle In The Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection, an anthology available November 25th on Amazon and Soul Mate Publishing. 

Welcome to our fifth newsletter in celebration of the release of Sizzle In The Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection.

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Book Corner

We promised a sneak peek, so here goes . . .
Author Tina Susedik gives an excerpt of her short story, Operation Santa!

How much trouble can a man get into while trying to win back his estranged wife?

In this scene, David has received the package of goodies he'd ordered for his wife. Things don't go quite the way he planned.

David's hand hovered over the last package. Long and thin, it contained items from Marci's book. Resting on top of everything was a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. He tore the plastic off and placed them on the bed next to the book he'd left on the covers last night.
One of the bottles of massage oil smelled of vanilla, the other something exotic and spicy he couldn't identify. Shots of desire swept through him. A candle in the same scent made his head swim.
"Wow. What the hell do they put in this stuff?" He reached down and gave Bubbles another neck scratch. "Do 'ya think she'll like this?"
The cat perked up when he pulled out a pink feather tickler. She jumped on the bed.
"No, you don't," David said, setting her on the floor. He put the tickler back in the box.
A leather flogger, nipple clamps, mask, and edible underwear lay on the bottom. Then something caught his eye.
"What the hell? I didn't order this." He picked up the invoice.
‘Please accept this holiday gift with our compliments.’
He tore open the plastic bag. Two men's thongs stared up at him, one a reindeer with a strategically placed red nose. The other was a snowman with a carrot nose, obviously designed to hold a man's johnson.
David eyed the items before him. Should he? He hesitated. Why the hell not? No one could see him.
He removed his tighty-whities and slipped on the snowman thong. He wasn't too sure how he liked the strip of fabric running up his crack, but he had to admit the sight of his johnson stuffed in the carrot was pretty funny. He hoped Marci would think so.
He took the chaps, put the waistband around his hips, and snapped it in place. He tied the strips of leather on the leggings behind his thighs and calves.
"Not bad," he said, eyeing himself in the dresser mirror. He raised his arms and flexed his muscles. Pumping iron was paying off. He sucked in his gut. Not a six pack, but no flab, either. He swiveled his hips to the beat of the song on the radio, then turned sideways for a glimpse of his bare ass. Nope, no droop.
In the mirror's reflection, he saw the handcuffs. He wondered how the soft, fuzzy feathers would feel on Marci's wrists.
After reading the instructions, David set the keys on the dresser, checked the quick release on both cuffs, attached one to a metal bar of the headboard and the other to his wrist. He imagined Marci's arms stretched above her head, writhing in passion as he ran the tickler up and down her naked body. With the blindfold in place, she wouldn't know what he'd do next.
His cell phone buzzed, interrupting his dreams. He reached for the phone, but with his right hand cuffed, he couldn't quite grasp it.
"Ah, the quick release." With his left hand David pressed the clasp on the cuff attached to his wrist. Nothing. "Dammit!" He tried the one hooked to the bed. No click. No snap.
"The keys!" He turned to the dresser.
A clinking noise stopped him.
"Bubbles, stop," he yelled as the cat batted at the jingling keys. "Here, Bubbles. Here, pretty kitty." The keys dropped to the floor.
Stretching his leg and big toe, he nearly reached them. The flogger would help, but before he could use it, Bubbles picked the keys up in her teeth. With her head and tail held high like a queen, she trotted from the room.
"Come back here! Dammit, get your furry ass back here." He stomped his foot.
David squeezed his eyes shut until tears formed. Thoughts of starving to death when no one came to his rescue flashed through his mind. He'd be nothing but bones attached to pink, fuzzy handcuffs. What could be more embarrassing?


Cocktail Corner

Busy shopping, wrapping and socializing?
Kick back with a festive cocktail!
Recipe shared by Amy Deason:

Christmas Cocktail

1 shot of vanilla rum
1 shot white chocolate liqueur
1 shot peppermint schnapps
Candy cane garnish

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker filled with ice.
Shake well, strain into a martini glass
Garnish with crushed Candy cane 


Recipe Corner

Company coming over? Authors CD Hersh dish up their favorite holiday recipe:

Holiday recipe

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

C.D. Hersh

There’s an old ERA Potato Chip can that was handed down to Catherine by Donald’s family. The can always housed Grandma’s Christmas Sugar cookies. After Grandma’s death, her sons found a handwritten recipe for the cookies. When they discovered Grandma had written the recipe for Catherine, she got the can, the baking sheets, and even the leftover shortening Grandma used. Since Grandma’s death it has been Catherine’s job to fill that can—which she faithfully executes every Christmas, sometimes as late as Christmas Eve!

We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday treat as much as our family does.

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies
1 ½ cups white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1 cup buttermilk (you can use 1 cup regular milk plus 1 tsp. vinegar if you don’t have buttermilk)
1 tsp. baking soda
3 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
4 cups flour or more to make a soft dough

Cream sugar, eggs, vanilla, and milk together. Add dry ingredients a cup at a time, mixing well until you have a soft dough. Cover the bowl, and let the dough stand overnight in the refrigerator. You can leave it in the refrigerator several days as long as it is tightly wrapped. On a floured board, using a floured rolling pin, roll out small portions of dough quite thin and cut with cookie cutters. Bake 5 minutes at 375 degrees. Cookies should be slightly browned on the bottom. Remove from the pan and cool on cookie racks.

NOTE: Grandma’s quite—thin directions are a bit tricky. We always roll a few, bake them, and then test eat to see if they are the right thickness. The cookie should be soft, but the dough well cooked. Naturally, it takes a few tries to get it right. About as many times as you want cookies to eat. J

This recipe makes a lot—if you don’t eat too many test cookies.  J Enjoy!


Music Corner

 Listen up! Kim Hotzon shares her favorite holiday song:

Given that I've spent many Christmases in Mexico, not only do I associate this classic song with Christmas, but I appreciate the snappy, warmth of the tempo and lyrics.

Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano 
Song Link:


Craft Corner
Looking for a simple craft to do with your children or grandchildren? Feeling crafty?

Cheryl Yeko shares an easy to do, festive DIY craft: 


This is an easy way to update those faded out glass ornaments and end up with something pretty and old-fashioned for your tree.

You’ll need:

Old, faded or spotty round glass ornaments (the colored glass ornaments shows though the lace and are really lovely)

White or cream colored lace material (at least a half-yard)

A dinner plate

Pretty ribbon, strings of seed pearls, pretty buttons, tiny silk flowers, etc.

Glue gun and Glue

Very thin ribbon for hanging or clean white string

Lay the lace out flat on any surface, then set the dinner plate face down on the lace and using the plate as a pattern, cut around it. Cut as many as you need, one for each ornament you want to cover.

Place a tiny dab of glue on the bottom of the ornament and then stick it dead center of the lace. Bring the lace up the sides of the ornament to cover it, gather the lace at the top of the ornament, then use some thin string to tie it off. You can trim the excess lace at the top if there is too much, but you want some extra at the top to fluff out (see picture).

Now, use your glue gun and your imagination to decorate your lace ornament. You can loop thin bead strings all around in a scallop, you can glue on any kind of flowers or greenery, add pretty buttons in a pattern. Anything you want to make your ornament unique.

Lastly, thread some thin ribbon or cotton string through the wire hoop at the top of the ornament, and tie it off so you can hang it from the tree!


Decorating Corner

Time to bring out the mistletoe! Ryan Jo Summers has some great decorating tips!

A few decorating suggestions, back from my craftier days:

·      First, a taper candle centerpiece. A dollar store tray on the bottom, filled with Styrofoam ring. Insert 12 white taper candles. Fill with dollar store or craft store holly, rosebuds, cinnamon bundles, pearls, pinecones and greenery. Add anything that seems Christmas-y to you.

 Second, cross stitch ornaments, 
stuffed with cotton batting and sewn/ glued to 
white fabric. Thick gold rope and red ribbon finish them off nicely.

 Third, paper mâché ornaments. Bought at craft store. Paint in variety of colors. I used pastels for some and shiny bold primary colors for the others. When dry, run a bead of glue along the edge and adhere glitter or use glitter glue like I did. Either way works.

 Fourth, ceramic Santa Claus and raccoon pair around a Christmas tree. I painted these back when I was in love with ceramics. Can be bought at craft stores and fairly inexpensive to paint a few items.

 Fifth, not my design but similar to one I did. A tree bouquet. Mine was set in a pretty basket, with greenery and candy canes all around. Topped with a pretty ribbon.

Sixth, one I want to do as time allows. 
A horse head greenery wreath. Isn't that too pretty not to want to make? I don't have instructions but I'm betting it's pretty simple, with greenery and wire mostly. And I also bet the instructions could be found online at some DIY blog. I find lots of great ideas on those DIY blogs. 

Other decorating ideas I don't do but have seen done well are:

To cover the pictures in the house or room with Christmas wrapping paper and pretty bows so they look like presents. They could be grouped or done singularly. 

I love the look of presents so I save small boxes up like shoe boxes and wrap them in assorted paper and bows. At Christmas time, they make the room overflow with lovely presents. Afterward, they are an awesome place to store light strands, ornaments and surplus items. Then they all tuck carefully away in tote boxes in the garage till the next year.


Holiday Card

What's a holiday without a personalized card by one of your favorite authors? Author Crystal Firsdon shares her holiday wishes:


The featured authors and their stories include:
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