November 2, 2017

San Francisco Review of Books: Book Review: 'Realm of the Dragon' by Cici Cordeli...

San Francisco Book Review: 'Realm of the Dragon' by Cici Cordeli...

Another great review for Realm of the Dragon, by CiCi Cordelia (aka: Cheryl Yeko and Char Chaffin) Book 1 of The Soul Mate Tree Series. :) Available at Amazon:…/…/B01N7GYVBT - Look for all 12 magical stories!

Enjoy this Excerpt:

Free to ponder, as his mother had urged, Kord shook off the troublesome feeling of being torn in several directions. He knew his parents worried, and he couldn’t avoid the inevitability of choice much longer.
Royals had strict duty to family and kingdom. Kord’s mate had been near her time of majority when he’d traveled to Anglican to meet her. The kingdom in an uproar, her tearful parents had met him with the devastating news of her death. Instead of a joyous announcement of impending joining, he’d returned to Draconian alone.
His dragon had been uncharacteristically silent since that fateful day, and Kord missed his beast’s conversation.
Enough, he thought bitterly, saddened and angered by the loss of a mate he never knew.
Refusing to dwell on things he couldn’t control, he cleared his mind of the memories and dove lower, seeking what enjoyment he could muster from the day.
Suddenly, something dropped onto his back, between his wingspan.
Something cold and soft.
Something that had limbs . . . and smelled unfamiliar. Not of this realm.
“What the demon?” He banked quickly as he felt the lightweight, chilled lump slide precariously to the left. Worried it might fall—whatever it was—Kord maneuvered gingerly, until he could descend safely into an open pasture.
He touched down lightly over the bumpy ground-scrub, careful to avoid jostling his unknown burden, turned his head to glance behind him . . .
And stared disbelieving at a vision from a dream.

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